Josh Turner has partnered with Operation Worship, a charity that gives Bibles to the troops, and during an interview with Taste of Country at Country Jam 2018 in Grand Junction, Colo., the singer explained how fans can get involved.

"Operation Worship is a charity that I came to know a year ago," Turner shared, giving a description of the limited-edition t-shirt sold by the organization that bears his name and benefist the cause.

Turner further explained that Operation Worship is based out of California, and has a global reach with its aim to distribute the Bible to every place the military serves.

"They distribute bibles to all of the active service members, veterans, all across the world. It's a pretty cool charity and it benefits all the service men and women," he said. "It's a pretty cool thing to be a part of."

Turner didn't just discuss philanthropical matters. The singer, who recently celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with wife Jennifer, is known for his deep, resounding baritone vocals—and says that, while he loves impersonators, he doesn't appreciate when people try to imitate his voice.

"It's funny when you get the impersonator in the same room as the person that he's impersonating—the person that's being impersonated doesn't really like it for some reason," he explained. "Everybody that's tried to impersonate me in my presence, it sucks. It's nowhere close. Don't even try. Just stop!" he pleaded.

Turner is currently on tour through the beginning of November, so those who wish to hear the real thing can check to see when he's coming to their towns.

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