Justin Moore makes family time a priority, which meant stepping up to coach his daughter's softball team. But recently, his competitive spirit got the better of him.

Prior to his set at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn., earlier this month the "Kinda Don't Care" singer told Taste of Country about an incident at a recent tournament.

"The girl made a really terrible call," Moore explains, referring to the umpire. "I was coaching third base and I told her more times than one that she blew the call and she owed me one. It got to the point where I had to be dragged off by my head coach ..."

Moore adds that the team was pretty good and won a few tournaments throughout the season, including this one. It's not clear if he's learned his lesson or not, but he promises it won't escalate to the point that he'll end up with his name in the local blotter.

"The kids are out there busting their tails. I don't want them losing over a terrible call," he insists.

Moore's kids are 8-year-old Ella, 6-year-old Kennedy, 4-year-old Rebecca and 1-year-old Thomas South. The family lives in Arkansas near the singer's parents house, because they prefer to stay away from the center of the bustle of country music in Nashville.

That has not slowed him down when it comes to recording new music, however. During the same interview the 34-year-old shared that his new album is done and it's the most traditional country record he's ever made. Fans likely won't have to wait long to hear the first single.

Previously Moore had told ToC the album has a '90s country sound to it.

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