Maybe you've been our special guest in the past, or maybe you've waited to get your hands on one of these invitations, but for some lucky East Texans, the wait is almost over.

The Kicks 105 Listener Appreciation Party at Splash Kingdom in Nacogdoches is kicking off around 6 PM on August 16th. That's Thursday!

If you've been living under a rock, you might not know that we've had a smorgasbord of ways to join us at the party, including;

  • Online Giveaway
  • Visiting the DJs at any live appearances
  • Just showing us that you really really really want to be there

Okay, we never really told anyone that last one would work, but how are we going to say no to some photo or video submissions of our fans shouting their love for the station that plays all the hits.

There's still time to download our app and participate in the online giveaway, so don't feel discouraged. We're putting you all to the test, and we hope to see you at the celebration.



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