Kane Brown's "Good as You" is a newlywed's song. It's like "Heaven" grew up and married the love of his life, and now he wants to tell the world about how perfect life is.

It's less sexy and a little sweeter than its predecessor — perhaps a taste of the more developed artist Brown is becoming as he enters a new chapter in both his personal and professional lives. He dropped the full version of "Good as You" at midnight ET on Oct. 19, seven days after marrying Katelyn Jae at a Tennessee farm on Oct. 12.

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It's just the latest sample of his new album, Experiment, out Nov. 9. Brown has already shared several songs from the project, including most recently the summer jam "Short Skirt Weather," as well as lead single "Lose It," and his chillin' exercise, "Weekend."

But they're not just words, because Brown is living the "Good as You" lyrics right now. The song describes a relationship with a sweet-hearted girl who takes care of her mom, takes care of her man, lights up any room she enters and seems too good to be true — sounds like the girl any guy would want to marry, right?

"It may take a hundred lifetimes to do/ But baby I just want to be good as you," Brown sings in the subtle, but moving song, which juxtaposes Brown's sweet sentiment with a '50s-style throwback arrangement that intersperses jangly electric guitars and a banjo.

The new song is a vocal showcase for Brown, who is not in any dire need of proving his vocal mettle of late. The singer was country music's most-nominated artist ahead of Oct. 9's 2018 American Music Awards, and he left that night with three AMA wins, the most ever in one night for a country singer who had not won an AMA previously.

After enjoying an extended honeymoon with his bride and releasing his new album, Brown will launch his Live Forever Tour — his first headlining run through arenas — in January.

Kane Brown's "Good as You" Lyrics:

See the way you're taking care of your mama /Tthe way you're taking care of me / The way you light up any room girl / You're what this world should be / Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of my life / I wanna be the man you want me to be / So starting right now girl, tell me everything you need


I just wanna wake up every day here in this bed / And never leave "I love you" left unsaid / It might take a hundred lifetimes to do / But baby I just wanna be good as you

Girl you're more than just the surface / Yeah you got the heart of gold / So when it comes to loving you baby / No, it'll never get old / Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of my life / I wanna be the man you want me to be / So starting right now girl, tell me everything you need

Repeat Chorus

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