In an astonishing reversal of fortune, standout singer Kree Harrison landed in the bottom two on 'American Idol' on the results show Thursday night (April 18), narrowly avoiding having to sing for her life after the votes from Wednesday night's performances were tallied.

Harrison has been one of the strongest contestants all season, consistently a favorite of the judges as well as voters. Her standout performances of a wide variety of material have mostly placed her in the top three each week, but Harrison undeniably had an off night last night, turning in below-par renditions of the Black Crowes' 'She Talks to Angels' and Celine Dion's 'Have You Ever Been in Love.'

Despite her less-then-stellar showing, Harrison eked out enough votes to come in one spot above fellow country singer Janelle Arthur, who had to sing for her life. Arthur was eliminated from the show, while Harrison will survive to sing again next week.