There were far more "I haves" that "Nevers" when Lady Antebellum played Never Have I Ever, the parenting edition. Who curses, who hides, who fakes sleep and who is faking it until they make it? Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott aren't shy about spilling the beans.

The trio sat down with Taste of Country to play in between dates of their Las Vegas residency. With six kids between them, the "Need You Now" trio have plenty of stories, like those times they've hidden in a closet for a momentary "vacation." One member of the group says he's never cried during a children's movie (although we don't believe it) and another says she's never cursed in front of her babies. That might be true, as the others concur she rarely swears.

How about "Have you ever faked being asleep so my significant other has to tend to the crying baby?" Umm, yes! Come on, moms and dads, you know you've done it, too.

New music is expected soon from Lady Antebellum after they signed with Big Machine Label Group in 2018. Their next studio album will be their eighth album in 11 years. Kelley and Scott have also both cut solo albums.

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