Lady Antebellum's funky new single "You Look Good" isn't too much of a deviation from songs the trio put out before their hiatus, they just sound like they're having more fun.

The busbee-produced track is more buoyant than anything they've released to radio since "Downtown," the bass-heavy, funk-country song that introduced the Golden album. This actually makes the third straight time Lady A has stretched the perception of who they are while introducing a new project — so far they're two for two in terms of hit songs ("Bartender" was the lead single off of 747).

Lyrically Hillary Lindsey, Ryan Hurd and busbee tell the same story Thomas Rhett tells in "Star of the Show," but there are few similarities in the delivery. "You Look Good" takes on Charles Kelley's personality, and any time Hillary Scott can match his easy swagger they look — and sound — good. In fact, Lady Antebellum rarely loses when the two vocalists are committed to the same vocal emotion.

Did You Know?: "You Look Good" is Lady Antebellum's first single from the upcoming Heart Break album (June 9). They also announced the You Look Good Tour, which will include a stop at WE Fest in Minnesota in August.

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Lady Antebellum Announce a New Song, Album + Tour 

Lady Antebellum, "You Look Good" Lyrics:

On a boat, on a beach, in the water, in the sand / In the back of a bar, cold beer in your hand / Breaking hearts, breaking necks / When we rolling down the street / Heads turning all day when they see you with me / I’m thinking everybody better stand in line ‘cause / They need to know that your body’s coming with me tonight.


They like Hey, who that there with the shades / Like oh, the way you move to the bass / Hold up, whole room gets to spinnin’ / From the second that you walk in it / Baby, you look good, all day all night / You look good, so fresh so fine / You look good, got everybody watchin’ you / Like cameras in Hollywood / Baby, you look good /Oh, baby, you look good.

Black dress to the nines, New Year’s in a pent / From the floor to the roof make the skyline spin / Yeah, you killiln’ me boy in your black faded jeans / Ain’t gotta work hard when you’re smiling at me /

I’m thinking everybody better stand in line ‘cause / They need to know that your body’s coming with me tonight.

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