It seems pretty clear that Larry Gatlin will not be voting for Hillary Clinton in November.

The country legend and his brothers appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday (Sept. 13) to perform a new song titled "Stand Up and Say So," which they recorded specifically for a new documentary from director Dinesh D'Souza titled Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.

D'Souza is best known for his previous film 2016: Obama's America, which proposed that President Barack Obama possesses a secret social agenda that runs contrary to American ideals.

From the looks of the trailer, Hillary's America alleges that the Democratic Party has historically supported slavery and engaged in a systematic pattern of social policies aimed at "social engineering," which are ultimately designed to keep African Americans subjugated so Democrats can maintain social control.

Not surprisingly, Gatlin's song isn't exactly a love letter to Clinton.

"I've got so sick and tired of listening to what you've got to say / I decided I've just got to stand up and say / So sick and tired of being sick and tired / Of being sick and tired of being treated this way / So I made my choice, gonna raise my voice / And say it's time for you to pack up and go / You know who you are, you lying so-and-so / And so, I'm gonna stand up and say so," the song says.

Larry Gatlin has long been an outspoken conservative.

"I’m greatly honored that my dear friend Dinesh asked me to write a song about Hillary Clinton, the biggest criminal ever to run for the presidency of the United States," he tells the Hollywood Reporter. "If my little song helps keep her out of the White House and put my friend Donald Trump in the White House, and he asks me to come to the White House, I will break into my happy dance on the White House lawn."

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