The viewing public won't learn who Lauren Alaina's Dancing With the Stars partner is until the show premieres on Sept. 16, but she met him on Tuesday (Aug. 27) — and she's freaking out!

The country star shared a selfie-style Instagram video of herself reacting after spending some time with her new dance partner on Tuesday. She's clearly excited about her new venture, and about getting to work on some dance moves during their meeting. The singer has previously admitted that she's not a dancer — she is a former cheerleader, though — so in her video, she's especially excited that she didn't fall during their practice.

Alaina is one of a dozen celebrities who will be contestants on the new Dancing With the Stars season. The singer will be vying for the coveted mirror ball trophy against Supremes member Mary Wilson, Bachelorette contestant Hannah Brown, former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, among others. Alaina is the seventh country music artist to take part in a DWTS season; country radio personality Bobby Bones won the show's most recent season, in 2018.

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It was Bones, in fact, who convinced Alaina to take part in Dancing With the Stars. The singer says the DJ "talked her into it," adding, "I'm never talking to him again, that will be the end of our friendship" if she gets eliminated during the show's first week.

Alaina is a former American Idol contestant and knows some of the DWTS crew, who worked on Idol during her season. She says she's already had some serious conversations with the show's wardrobe department, too.

"I was like, 'We're gonna have to talk about these outfits. 'Cause I'm not wearing short, short, short things,'" she recounts. "'Can I wear tights every show? I don't care if the tights show through my shoes like Dolly Parton, I am not dancing without tights on my legs.'"

Dancing With the Stars' new season will premiere on Sept. 16. Alaina has moved her headlining That Girl Was Me Tour to 2020 to accommodate the show's schedule.

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