When a story begins with “I bought him a taser for his birthday,” you bet we’re listening. Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice talked with fans during a ToC Facebook Live interview on Monday afternoon (May 9) and opened up about love, kids, their new single “A Little More Love” and the best way to abuse Tyler Farr.

Brice and Niemann sing together for the first time on the new single from Niemann’s upcoming album. The video for “A Little More Love” was shot in Florida and features a Chevrlet El Camino with a pair of Texas longhorn horns on the grill. Niemann’s father provided those. The car was a 1965 El Camino, and both men want one real bad.

But it looks like Niemann’s wife is the only one getting a new car soon. The singer admits that he’s buying Morgan a safer ride for her job as a hospice nurse. Morgan's birthday was on Mother’s Day, and Brice also took care of his bride on that day, although at a lower price tag.

“What she wanted was to go canoeing with the boys on the river. Then we went to Outback,” he tells Taste of Country.

Awkward moments onstage, arm wrestling and kids populate an 11-minute-long Facebook Live chat, which you can watch above. The best part may come when the singers are asked if any of their physical shenanigans lead to scars or stitches. Both admit they enjoy wrestling each other on the bus. And then there was that one time …

“I bought him a taser for his birthday,” Niemann deadpans. “First thing he does is he opens up the taser and tases himself, right out of the box.”

“If you’re gonna tase anyone else you gotta tase yourself,” Brice says matter-of-factly.

Niemann got it in the arm, but their good friend Farr wasn’t as willing. He tried to run.

“You know how when you run from a wild animal and that animal chases you?” Niemann explains, “Well we both chased Tyler (Farr) and he got tased pretty good.”

For the record, the three are good friends and frequent touring buddies. They’re also friends with Randy Houser, who was married last Wednesday in Nashville. Of course there was a story from the wedding, but you’ll have to watch the Facebook Live video yourself to get to it.

Niemann says he hopes to have his new album available for fans by year's end. Brice is also working on a new album, which he says will be ready for a 2017 release.

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