There are some amazing food trucks here in East Texas. Some of them move around, some of them are stationary, but they all must follow rules. The City of Nacogdoches has made some changes to the food truck ordinances and they are looking for your input. I am excited to see the local government going to where the people are, and making this an event on facebook. They even came up with this fun event title.

Your elected officials want to hear from YOU!

Join us for the #cityofnac public meeting to discuss possible change to the Food Truck ordinance in Nacogodches.

Due to changes in the most recent food truck ordinance (passed in 2017) the #cityofnac City Council would like to hear from restaurant owners, business owners, and the community about this topic.

Session will include a short overview of food trucks in Nacogdoches and proposed changes, followed by public comment {tacos not included.}

There is even a 3 part video from the city to outline the revisions and explain why have them. I think this is the first time I have seen this much transparency in local government, delivered in a user friendly format. I am really impressed with the way they are doing things in regards to this issue.

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