Lakewood High literacy coach Patricia Schley decided to plan a fun event to help out the 1,400 students who are reading below grade level. The literacy night, planned for Leap Day, was becoming a big deal, but unfortunately, there was one tiny detail that sort of overshadowed the entire evening.

In Schley’s defense, she does know how to spell “leaping,” but she wasn’t the one in charge of advertising. The school’s principal asked the custodian to put together the school’s billboards, and he was the one who got tripped up by the word (and not “literacy” for some reason).

The sign went up on Friday, but Schley didn’t notice the misspelling until Sunday morning when she drove by it on the way home from church. She wanted it down right away, but any change to the sign would have to wait until Monday.

By then many of the school’s students had either seen the misspelling in person or on Facebook, where photos of the gaffe quickly circulated. On the bright side, the students actually realized that the word was misspelled. Score for literacy!

We’re just hoping that the custodian was amongst the attendees of the “Laeping to Literacy Night.”

[via Tampa Bay Times]