Early Tuesday Morning, according to KETK, two Lufkin teens were involved in a serious accident. Joel Escoto and Ricardo Ramirez were on their way to an undisclosed location at 2:30am Tuesday March 31st. Somewhere on Raguet, Escoto lost control of the SUV, and it rolled over.

They hit a hurricane fence and a metal pole. The metal pole went through the passengers (Ramirez) arm. Escoto then ran back to Ramirez's parents house to get help.

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The officer that arrived first on the scene placed a tourniquet on his arm, and paramedics took him to the hospital. That same night, Ramirez was transported to  a Houston area hospital and is listed in critical condition.

LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – A Lufkin teen was seriously injured in a rollover crash early Tuesday morning.

Joel Escoto, 16, had just picked Ricardo Viezca Ramirez, 17, from his parents’ home when the crash occurred around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday. They were northbound on Raguet Street in Escoto’s SUV when Escoto lost control of the vehicle, veered off the road and overturned into a hurricane fence and metal pole.

The pole went through the vehicle, impaling Ramirez in the arm.

Escoto could not find his phone to call for help due to vehicle overturning. Escoto freed Ramirez from the pole and ran back to Ramirez’s home, which was a relatively short distance away, to get Ramirez’s parents to call for help.

An arriving officer found Ramirez lying on the ground outside the vehicle and placed a tourniquet on his arm to try to stop the bleeding before paramedics took him to the hospital.

As of 6 p.m., the teen had been transported to a Houston-area hospital and was listed in critical condition.

The crash remains under investigation.

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