While his experience as an American Idol judge has been positive so far, Luke Bryan had to deal with an unfortunate situation involving an anonymous source before he even sat in the judging seat.

During an interview with Big 95.5 in Chicago, Bryan shares that an internal mole was leaking details about his deal before anything was made public. When the singer appeared on the radio show earlier in 2017, the interview was cut short after one of the hosts asked him about signing on to Idol merely 30 minutes after he hung up a phone call confirming the deal, which he wasn't allowed to talk about at the time.

"We were trying to get all the contracts and stuff handled, and we knew we were going to do it, but we were having trouble with like an internal mole that kept leaking out info," he explains of the unknown source that kept revealing classified information to the media without Bryan or his team's permission. "We would negotiate the deal and it would be like ... it'd be gossip everywhere with all my deal points and such. So it was kind of crazy."

Despite the sneaky source, Bryan is loving his time on the singing show. He tells Taste of Country and other media that when he was first approached with the idea of being a part of the show, he wanted to ensure it would be a fulfilling experience and thus far, it is. "The big question was, 'Am I going to enjoy it and love it?' And here in the early stages, I'm having a blast with it. I'm loving every second of it," he says.

American Idol makes its grand return to TV on March 11 at 8PM ET on ABC.

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