Luke Bryan is enjoying his Spring Break this week. You may be scratching your head and thinking that Bryan is too old for the one week out of the year that college kids count down for, but the hitmaker recently released his latest and fourth Spring Break EP, titled ‘Suntan City,’ just last week.

Like his previous EPs celebrating the week-long party break, Bryan has hit the sand in Florida to bring country music fans and Spring Break-ers some fun, because as we all know, the only thing that could make glimmering beaches and cold drinks more enjoyable is summertime party songs.

“This whole ‘Spring Break’ album idea started from writing music without parameters,” Bryan tells Taste of Country of the concept behind the hit releases. “Radio doesn’t necessarily put parameters on you, but you think they do, so that kind of controls you. But with the ‘Spring Break’ [albums], if we want to drop a little cuss word in there or something, we don’t sweat it. That frees us up more creatively where we don’t get too bound by what’s going on when we’re in the writing room.”

“My whole idea is if 10 years down the road we’ve done 10 ‘Spring Break’ albums, and two or three of those songs went on to be big hits that were kind of quirky songs that were spawned from it, then this whole ride has been a success,” continues Bryan. “It’s fun putting the songs out. With ‘Spring Break,’ if we put a weird or bad song out, I don’t think anybody is going to hold me down. It’s not that big of a deal if it’s something that we kind of go out on a limb and go for something … if we kind of strike out on it, then it’s not like we put it on the main album and went that way with it. It’s a fun little thing to free yourself up with a little bit, creatively.”

Which leads us to the question on everyone’s mind — what were some of Bryan’s own Spring Break experiences like as a teen, when he and his buddies would travel from Georgia to Florida for the fun-filled week?

“My spring breaks in high school …” Bryan laughs. “We’d hide beer in the woods … hid it under an old oak stump or something. We’d roll out of there and load up the toolbox full of some old skunky beer that had been sitting out in the woods for a month. We took it down to Panama City. One of my buddies — I’ll leave the names out of it — he got us banned from all of Thomas Drive down in Panama City. He threw a couple of TVs out of the hotel room. Basically, if it wasn’t bolted down, he relieved it from the room! We had a great time. It was all a part of being a kid and all a part of growing up, kind of drinkin’ and partying for the first time. Somehow we survived it.”

Bryan’s next show is Panama City, Fla. in support of the new ‘Suntan City’ EP is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14. Check out all the information here.

Watch the Luke Bryan ‘Suntan City’ Video

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