When Maren Morris' husband, Ryan Hurd, was recently cleaning out his truck, he probably didn't expect to hit upon a bit of country music history. But that he did, when he unearthed a little notecard covered with his wife's penmanship.

As it turned out, it was no mere grocery list, or even jotted-down lyrics or thoughts. It was a bit more historic—Morris' notes for accepting the New Artist of the year honor at the 2016 CMA Awards.

"Ryan just found this cleaning out his truck. My notecard from when I won Best New Artist at the CMAs," the singer noted on social media. "I thought I lost it but it luckily survived the last 2 years. I’m proud I pretty much read all of it before my tears gave way."

The notecard gives a rundown of pointers for Morris, including how she'd watched the 2015 CMAs at a bar and never dreamed she'd be in the position she is, plus reminders to thank her family, Hurd (of course!), and industry pros. And, "Tennessee for saving my life, Texas for giving me one."

The little bit of memorabilia is likely a sweetly poignant anchor for Morris, who has seen a meteoric rise in the past two years (she won a 2016 Grammy Award in addition to her CMA honor that year). She's currently on tour in the United States through the end of October.

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