Did you hear the Celebration this morning on Merrell In the Morning? Here's what you missed: No Pants Day, Bing, phone jammers, and more!

Congratulations to Travis Phillips of Lufkin the latest winner of tickets to see George Strait in Arlington. Yes, more chances to win are on the way.

Today's Celebrations

International Space Day

Martin Z. Mollusk Day

No Pants Day

Roberts Rule of Order Day

Tuba Day

 Celebrity Birthdays

1904 - Bing (Harry Lillis) Crosby - ‘der Bingle’: Grammy Award-winning [Lifetime Achievement Grammy: 1962] crooner: White Christmas, I Surrender, Dear, Where the Blue of the Night [Meets the Gold of the Day]; about 2600 records, 120 LPs sold estimated 400 million [by 1975]; Academy Award-winning actor: Going My Way [1944]; Big Broadcast of 1932; over 60 films; died Oct 14, 1977

1936 - Engelbert Humperdinck (Arnold George Dorsey) [78] - singer: After the Lovin’, Release Me, There Goes My Everything, The Last Waltz, A Man Without Love, Winter World of Love, Les Bicyclettes de Belsize

1946 - Leslie Gore [68] - singer: It’s My Party, Judy’s Turn to Cry, She’s a Fool, You Don’t Own Me, Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, California Nights; actress: Girls on the Beach, Ski Party, The T.A.M.I. Show

1948 - Larry Gatlin [66] - musician, Grammy Award-winning country singer: Broken Lady [1976], I Don’t Wanna Cry, Houston (I’m Comin’ to See You), Love is Just a Game, Take Somebody with Me When I Fall, Statues Without Hearts, All the Gold in California

1962 - Ty Herndon [52] - is born in Butler, Alabama. He wins the Male Star of Tomorrow honor in the TNN/Music City News awards in 1996, while fashioning such hits as "What Mattered Most," "Living In A Moment" and "Hands Of A Working Man"

Tabloid News

Man fined $48,000 For Jamming Cell Phones

From slate.com -

It drives me crazy when I see someone texting while driving. You're trying to drive safely, while this jerk is recklessly blasting out emoticons. One Florida man was so fed up that he decided to make a no-phones policy mandatory for the people driving around him during his commute. He got a jammer and shut their cell phone use down.

The only problem was that it's illegal to use a jamming device in the United States. And in April 2013, Metro PCS reported to the FCC that every day for two years their cell towers had experienced unexplained interference in a certain area during the morning and evening commutes.

The FCC investigated and detected wideband emissions coming from a blue Toyota Highlander SUV belonging to cell phone vigilante Jason R. Humphreys. Humphreys admitted that he was using the jammer, and this week the feds slapped him with a $48,000 fine.

Jammers can be dangerous if they happen to interfere with things like 911 calls or law enforcement communications, but it seems like Humphreys was just trying to have a peaceful, uneventful commute. Back to the scary reality of distracted drivers.

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