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 Celebrity Birthdays

1917 - ‘Buffalo’ Bob Smith - TV host: Howdy Doody Show, The Gulf Road Show Starring Bob Smith; died July 30, 1998

1940 - Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan) - actor: martial arts cult star; The Green Hornet, Game of Death, Return of the Dragon, Fists of Fury, Enter the Dragon, Chinese Connection, Marlowe; subject of the movie, Dragon; died July 20, 1973

1941 - Eddie Rabbitt - songwriter: Kentucky Rain [Elvis Presley]; singer: I Love A Rainy Night, Drivin’ My Life Away, Suspicions, Every Which Way But Loose; his 17 albums garnered 26 #1 country hits and 8 pop hits; died May 7, 1998

1942 - Jimi (James Marshall) Hendrix - musician, singer: Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, All Along the Watch Tower, The Wind Cries Mary, Manic Depression, Spanish Castle Magic; died Sep 18, 1970

1957 - Caroline (Bouvier) Kennedy (56) - former First Daughter: daughter of 35th President of U.S. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy

1980 - William Lee Golden’s beard (33), of The Oak Ridge Boys, stops trimming his beard. Combined with the long hair he's been growing since Christmas 1979, the facial hair helps create a new mountain man image

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Human Cheese Made With Bacteria From Armpit & Feet

Are you a cheese-lover? From mild to sharp to down right stinky cheese already has a nose-wrinkling reputation when it comes to aroma, so imagine a cheese freshly made from a foot, or matured from the stinky sweat of an aromatic armpit.  That’s exactly what American scientist Christina Agapakis and Norwegian scent expert Sissel Tolaas have done as part of an exhibition about synthetic biology in Dublin.

Together with chef Michael Pollan, they took bacteria from curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s nose, a sample from Eliasson's tears and dug out a culture from Pollan's belly button.

They then made the cheese, 11 in total, which according to Agapakis actually smell and taste like the body odour of the donor.

“It's no surprise that sometimes cheese odours and body odours are similar,” she explained. “But when we started working together we were surprised by how not only do cheese and smelly body parts like feet share similar odour molecules but also have similar microbial populations.”

The project is called ‘SelfMade’ and hopes to highlight the human body as a super organism and how our food can host living organisms too. Many of the stinkiest cheeses are hosts to species of bacteria closely related to the bacteria responsible for the characteristic smells of human armpits or feet.

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