We've seen our share of clever Halloween costumes on country stars, but how about clever Halloween costumes of country stars? These two little boys from Oklahoma — buddies named Cash and Kash — are winning hearts right and left with their spot-on Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan costumes.

Kash-with-a-K's mom posted the shot on Facebook on Oct. 26, apparently testing out a dress rehearsal for Halloween night. Both kids are sporting awesome details, including matching tats (which real-life pals Aldean and Bryan actually do share). Mini "Jason" is complete with earrings and a wallet chain, while lil "Luke" sports a signature baseball cap. The two boys also both have adorable miniature guitars with custom straps, and (drawn-on, of course) facial stubble.

Facebook commenters were delighted with both the creativity and the undeniable gosh-darn-darling factor, tagging both Bryan and Aldean repeatedly and remarking "freaking cute," "future heart breakers," and "OMG yes!" The picture was shared more than 165k times as of Oct. 30.

It's pretty safe to bet these two will be racking up some full-sized candy bars while trick or treating. Let's hope either Aldean or Bryan notices all the tags and gives the boys shoutouts as well — a super-duper treat that Kash's mom says would "make their year!"

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