California surf and light morning traffic accompany Morgan Evans on a single-shot, one-take performance of "Young Again," the first acoustic video released as part of his new Highway 1 Sessions.

The "Day Drunk" singer keeps the rowdy, rolling tempo of the version found on his new Things That We Drink To album but pulls back percussion, layers of guitars and processing to deliver a performance more true to the coast of California than the shores of Ireland, which is where he was when he started to write it.

Filmed outside the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura, Calif., this video captures Evans in his element: not far from the ocean, guitar in hand, singing of young love.

"That's just me playing the song as I would anywhere I stood with a guitar," he says. "And I love that about the video. That's how we wrote it ... it sort of gets to the heart of the song a little bit."

"That feeling is one that I try to keep at the top of my mind every day I live my life. Like we got to appreciate this now, because who knows what's gonna happen in the next ten minutes," he says. "I've tried to convey that feeling a lot of times, but it's hard to do without going too far sometimes, but the way we wrote that song really captures that feeling."

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Things That We Drink To is Evans' first album released on Warner Music Nashville after a career spent mostly in Australia. When asked what keeps him young the 33-year-old said music.

"I feel that way when I catch up with old mates from my hometown who are doing very different things in their life ... I think when you talk about the age of 33, people that aren't sort of writing about what's happening now or singing about what's happening now sorta lose track of that sort of thing when having a family and working in an office somewhere."

Evans isn't saying what videos will come next during his Highway 1 Sessions, but promises they did plenty of filming while in California, the place that reminds him most of home. Fan input will dictate where he goes from here.

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