High temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and overnight low temperatures in the 40s and 50s! That's the forecast for Wednesday through Friday of this upcoming week. That's wonderful news, but, if you've lived in East Texas for a while, you know exactly how this will play out.

The Sauna Before the Cold Front

In order to get Mother Nature's beautiful and cooler weather on Wednesday, we've got to pay our dues.  In the Pineywoods, whenever we get a cold front in September or October, we have to endure the sauna that precedes it.  Expect temperatures in the low to mid 90s on Monday and Tuesday along with some scattered thunderstorms.  That humidity will increase and make it feel close to 100.

Here Comes the Cold Front!

Right now, forecasters are saying that the cold front should reach East Texas by Wednesday.  It will give us a few days of highs in the low 80s and low temperatures in the 50s.  I wouldn't be surprised to see temperatures dip into the upper 40s near sunrise is some of the areas away from cities.  We should have nothing but clear skies Wednesday through Friday.

Mother Nature is Such a Tease

If you've lived in East Texas for more than a couple years, you know the routine.  Mother Nature will send us a breath of cool Autumn air for a few days and then yank that carpet of comfort from under our feet.  A warming trend is expected to filter back in by next weekend, and it looks like we'll be in for high temperatures around 90 for the remainder of September and at least the first few days of October.

So, enjoy the cooler weather when it gets here, but don't expect  your air conditioner bill to go down anytime soon.


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