On April 7th, Nacogdoches County was reporting a total of 25 confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Flash forward one week and now the count is up to 58 according to the Texas Department of State Health Services, that's a jump of 132%,

Those 58 cases against a backdrop of a county population of 65,711 gives Nacogdoches County an infection rate of  0.088%,  or 1 in every 1133 county residents (1: 1133). That's a pretty small number, less than one tenth of one percent of the county has tested positive, however, that infection rate has now surpassed that of Harris County (Houston).

It's interesting to note that some of the counties with the highest infection rates in Texas are in the Pineywoods.  Shelby County and San Augustine County join Nacogdoches County in the top 12 COVID-19 infection rates in the Lone Star State.  Caddo Parish and DeSoto Parish just across the border also have higher than median rates of infection (1: 221 and 1: 211, respectively).  That's an interesting geographic trend.

Here's the age and hospitalization breakdown of the 8 new cases in Nacogdoches County:

Not hospitalized:
30-39 yr old female
40-49 yr old female
40-49 yr old male
50-59 yr old male
70-79 yr old male

60-69 yr old female
70-70 yr old female
90+ yr old male

The Texas Department of State Health Services has established a new interactive dashboard for Nacogdoches County data that can be seen here.

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