According to a press release, the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that occurred Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a business on Highway 59 South near the Angelina River Bridge. Shortly after 5 pm, deputies were dispatched to an altercation that was taking place at the business. DPS Troopers were the first on scene and were able to quickly gain control of the situation.

Sheriff Jason Bridges stated that the incident started in the City of Nacogdoches where an employee of the business had taken a battery from a motorcycle, for which he claimed that the man that owned the motorcycle owned him money.

The man that owned the motorcycle went to the business to speak with the employee about getting the battery back. Sheriff Bridges stated that investigators obtained video footage from the business that recorded the altercation as it unfolded.  According to the Sheriff's Department, on video you can clearly see a van pull up to the business and a women exit from the vehicle, the store employee exits the business and meets with the woman outside. The two then go inside the business for a short amount of time. The woman claims that she asks for the battery for the motorcycle, but the store employee advises her he is not giving the battery back. Both parties then exit out of the store and the women walks back to the car. A male subject then exits the van and starts walking toward the store employee who is in the parking lot. The store employee removes a handgun from his person and starts pointing it in the direction of the other male subject. The male subject continues to advance toward him, but he is not armed. The store employee shoots two times into the ground parking lot near the direction of the male and female subject.

Two DPS units who were traveling on highway 59 are flagged down about the incident. The two troopers were able to quickly disarm the employee and stop the escalation of the incident.

Sheriff Bridges stated that no injuries were sustained during the incident and the investigation is ongoing. The case will be sent to the District Attorney's Office upon the conclusion of the investigation and charges will likely be filed.

Sheriff Bridges praised the Troopers on being in the area at the right time and for their swift action.

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