NFL Training Camps are just barely getting underway, and there's no shortage of early Super Bowl predictions.  At least one analyst is picking the Cowboys to make it all the way this season.  Oh boy.  Whaddya think?

Skip Bayless is one of those prognosticators that seems uneasily impressed.  He's critical, crotchety at times, and even a little outlandishly and entertainingly pessimistic.  Here's the good news.  Through all that critical thinking and cynicism, he's picking the Cowboys!  He's thought long and hard about it embraced all the weaknesses and flaws, and even then he thinks Dallas has a shot at reaching the Super Bowl.  And he's picking the Patriots to be the Cowboys' opponent, but he's not predicting a winner.

The Cowboys might have made it to the Super Bowl last season if they had not gotten robbed by that bad call at Lambeau in the playoffs.  We all know it was a catch, but of course we have moved on and let that go.

The Cowboys' first preseason game is August 13th against the Chargers.  The first regular season game is September 13th, at home against the NY Giants.  Are you ready for beer and wings and sports bars and the Cowboys every Sunday?  Yes please, me too.

We'll know about those Super Bowl chances soon enough.