The start of the fall buying season has been signaled. Put on your pumpkin spice scented face mask and get ready to do some Halloween shopping. Spirit Halloween Stores should open this week.

What used to be a huge Sears store is now host to the Spirit Halloween store. In Nacogdoches it's the old Party N' Things store in the North View Shopping Center.

This is the first year for Spirit Halloween to be in Nacogdoches. If you go to SFA or live in the area this is perfect.

Tis' The Season

If you love Christmas, don't worry there is something already going on for you too. If you stop into Hobby Lobby they do have some fall items, but Christmas is on full tilt.

If you love Halloween then skip the Hobby Lobby trip. They have some "It's Fall Ya'll" signs out, but that is the extent of things.

Halloween is not pretty much left up the Spencer's Gifts owned Spirit Halloween. They have all the Halloween décor items, games, scary animatronics, and costumes you could ever want.

Rona Is Acting Up Again

A couple of months ago, I really hoped that things would return to normal. Now that school is back in session Covid's sequel, the delta variant is blowing full force in our communities.

I hope that this gets figured out now that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine has gotten full FDA approval. I know some were waiting for this designation until they took it.

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I don't know if kids going door to door for candy will be widespread activity this year. I hope we are not back to putting on our costumes just to facetime with grandparents.

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