The City of Lufkin has gotten together with Brookshire Brothers to provide drinking water for citizens. Stop by the Pitser Garrison Convention Center at 601 N.Second Street. Drive though and pick up two cases of water per vehicle at no cost. It started at 11am 2/18/21, and will continue as it is needed.

If you are in need of drinking water, and are worried about road conditions, they have actually improved. Though they are still icy, they are better than they have been in days. Travel slowly and watch your other drivers. Being a good defensive driver is a must in conditions like these.

Lufkin residents have been without running water for a little over 24 hours since a major power outage started a chain of events yesterday morning. City of Lufkin staff, in conjunction with Councilman Ward No.4 Mark Hicks, Dee Winston, Stephen Greak, and Clay Heath had 2 large generators delivered to put in at a couple of the well stations. They are hoping this will get us water pressure quickly. They have set an ambitious goal of it being back on this afternoon.

Once water is back on the city is still asking that we all do our best to conserve water. Limit your water use to necessities. Short showers, delay clothes washing, delay washing dishes and shut the water off when brushing your teeth.

The boil water notice will still be in effect until further notice. We are being asked to continue to check our homes and businesses for water leaks as things start to thaw out more.

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