We have a chance for you to win Schlitterbahn tickets with today's KICKS 105 Picture Puzzler.  In the comment section below, just let us know who you think this person is.   Only one guess per person, please.

The cut off to guess is 8pm tonight (07/30/2012).  We will draw from all correct entries and then post the winners on this comment thread.  Winners will get their choice of a pair of tickets to the New Braunfels or Galveston park.

And the picture is....Reese Witherspoon.

reese witherspoon

In our drawing we had a total of six winners:

Tina Callison

Jennifer Hoffer

Cindy Hardin

Cindy Ketchum

Anna Christine

Kimberly Love


Please let us know which park you want tickets to and we'll have a pair of those tickets here at the studios for you.


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