Today (Monday) from 1-3 pm a very special tour will be in Lufkin.  The Pink Heals Tour and its convoy of pink firetrucks and emergency vehicles will be parked in front of the K-Mart off the South Loop in Lufkin. 

“The Pink Heals Tour is about community, family and neighbors,” says Dave Grabill, retired fire fighter and founder of Pink Heals.
“We know the battle people face with this disease (cancer) every day and they are not alone.  We will stand by them through their entire fight,
praying and supporting fundraising efforts.”

Anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer or is currently battling cancer is invited to sign the pink fire truck.

More than 1,500 people died of cancer every day and every day firefighters usually wear blue shirts.
But for this day only, Lufkin fire fighters will wear pink.

The pink fire trucks will also arrive as the American Cancer Society celebrates its 100th anniversary.

As the official sponsor of birthdays, the American Cancer Society knows how important each and every birthday can be,
says Melissa McKnight, regional director of Lufkin’s American Cancer Society.  “From deadly to treatable, from treatable to preventable:
The progress we’ve helped make in the past 100 years is remarkable.”

A variety of t-shirts will be available for sale as well as promotional items.

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