If you live in Lufkin we have a Spirit Halloween Store pop up in our area every Halloween. Lately it's been in the Lufkin Mall, but that could change.

In Nacogdoches fans of the Halloween Store haven't been as lucky. I just found out that this year their will be a Spirit Halloween in the Northview shopping center on North Street.

It will be in the same shopping center where AMC Theaters is located. I will be right on the corner where Party N' Things was previously located. Party N' Things could still be around Nacogdoches, I believe they have just moved elsewhere.

I didn't know that Spencer's Gifts, also owns Spirit Halloween. I guess the chances of getting a Spencer's back in Lufkin or one in Nacogdoches are slim to none. At least they know we are here.

Looking for a job there? They are looking for Sales Associates and an Assistant Manager at this time. Click Here to see the jobs.

Bryan McDowell has taken the helm of bringing this store to Nacogodches. The company also has their sights on what to do with the location in the off season.

One of the ideas is to make it an Amazon resale shop. That would be a first for our area, though I think Amazon storefronts will start popping up on day. 

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The residents of Nacogdoches and the students at SFA, that love everything Halloween, will get a lot of use out of having this store closer to them this season.


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