A couple of months ago, I posted some pictures from an old, abandoned mansion just outside of Lufkin. It's located on Highway 59, north of town, behind Best Buy Fireworks. If you don't remember it, click the link below:

As long as I can remember, it's looked exactly like that, in disrepair. However, someone reached out to us, and gave us a close-up look and even an inside look. Check out the pictures from JC Evans:

Close-Up: Old, Abandoned Lufkin Mansion

Yeah, it looks a bit rough now, but it looks like it could have been - and still could be - a pretty awesome house, if you had the money to invest to really fix it up and do all of the renovation work. The clean-up around it looks like it would take awhile, too. Still, it is pretty cool to see the inside though, even if it is in rough shape.

But, now you've seen it. I still haven't gotten any insight on why it's been abandoned, and/or why it hasn't been finished yet. I've heard some rumors and light chatter about the story behind it, but nothing really definitive yet.

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