The story of Riley Green's life can be told through his pictures on Instagram. The "I Wish Grandpas Never Died" singer is an avid outdoorsman, talented songwriter and rising vocalist in country music, but in this case pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.

When Green told Taste of Country he loved duck hunting, he wasn't kidding. Ducks, turkey, deer, fish ... the Alabama native doesn't discriminate! Find plenty of pictures from his expeditions below — the most illuminating photos from his Instagram page, plus a few of how he looked before he went clean-shaven. Wow! What a difference a beard makes.

Green is a 2019 Taste of Country RISERS star who spent the year on the road with Brad Paisley and is anxious to prove his worth to Jason Aldean's fans in 2020. With one No. 1 hit under his belt already ("There Was This Girl") and an album of identifying country-rockers and ballads inspired by girls and home, there's likely more where that came from.

Get to know Riley Green through these 10 pictures:

Riley Green really loves duck hunting ...

... But he was born to sing.

In college, Riley played football:

He also let his hair go:

Riley's grandfather's had a huge influence on him.

Hunting is where he's most at peace:

These days, Green is doing OK!

Aww! 13/10, Riley Green!

Gratuitous shirtless picture:

And here's Riley's first-ever Instagram post:

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