Joey and Rory Feek's daughter made an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, and the video will do your heart good. Indiana joined Dad Rory Feek on the show to talk about their new children’s book, The Cow Said Neigh!, but the attention was all on her.

The 4-year-old delighted the audience with her sweet nature and — of course — sweet smile. Donning a white dress and brown cowboy boots, Indy was quick to jump on her dad's lap at the invitation of Ray, and acted a tad shy at first. However, toward the end of the conversation, a big smile came over her face as they discussed the possibility that the father-daughter team will write more books together in the future.

"I’ve really loved it," the older Feek says on the episode, which will air on Monday (Oct. 8). “I think it's something I want to do a lot more of."

Before Indy came onstage, Rory took a moment to discuss his late wife, Joey, who died after a very public cancer battle in 2016. "She told me, 'I'm going to push the baby away' — who's two — [to] make me greater in her life and her less, because she knew it was going to be a transition," he recalls.

At the time, the couple were enjoying a country music career as the duo Joey + Rory when she received the devastating diagnosis that would ultimately take her life.

"I wouldn’t have done that," he admits. "I think I would have said, 'You get forever with her; I want all of it right now.' She had an understanding of the bigger picture."

The Feeks welcomed Indy in February 2014 via home birth, delivered by a midwife. Because Joey had no testing or ultrasounds during her pregnancy, the couple were unaware until after delivery that the little girl had Down syndrome. In a blog post at the time, Rory said they "wouldn't have changed a thing," adding:

"We trusted that God would give us the baby He wanted us to have … and He has. Out of all the parents in the world, He has chosen us to care for and raise this special gift."

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