In this video, a pint-sized baseball fan misses a foul ball at a game between the Yankees and the Rangers and sobs hysterically for failing to snag the prize. Even worse, two adult fans next to him proudly display the ball while the youngster bawls his eyes out. Far be it from us to use a word like heartless, but, dang, that’s pretty cold.

During a game on Wednesday night, Rangers right fielder Mitch Moreland tossed a ball into the stands, causing fans to scramble. Unfortunately, the youngster came up empty handed, but the couple next to him scored the souvenir. They even happily posed with the ball, causing Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay to express his disgust.

“Oh, my God! They can’t give it to the kid?” asked Kay. “Wow, they’re actually, like, rubbing it in the kid’s face.”

Luckily for the distraught child, someone in the Rangers dugout tossed him another ball as a consolation prize. And as for the ball-hoarding inconsiderate couple? They’ve just earned the scorn of baseball fans (and parents) everywhere.

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