Brett Eldredge and former Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson never dated...but they sure did look cute together.

Rumors that the pair were more than friends started when the singer cast Robertson in his music video for "The Long Way." There was romantic chemistry on screen, but he'd later explain that they left it all there.

"She did an amazing job and somehow people thought we were dating for a while," he told Taste of Country in 2017. "It's like, 'No, we're just good, new friends,'" he says.

Robertson, who just became engaged to Christian Huff, echoed his comments, mostly. "We just had so much fun together," she told Entertainment Tonight in 2018. "Everybody was like, 'No, you were really laughing.' We really were. We really did have a great time. But I don't know, girl ... It's too complicated."

The 21-year-old became engaged on Sunday (June 9) after dating Huff for about one year. "I screamed YES," she wrote on Instagram. "I GET TO MARRY THIS MAN. God is faithful and so so good."

On Sunday Eldredge was at the 2019 Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y. playing songs from all of his albums, including "The Long Way." His relationship with Robertson may just be platonic, but the bond forged quickly. It was Eldredge who sought her out for the video, he admitted back in 2017.

"I saw her on Instagram and I saw all of her stories and just her energy; she's just a great person," he says. "I just loved who she is, what she stands for, her whole story, her personality."

Previously Eldredge was confirmed to be dating Victoria's Secret model Rachel Hilbert, who starred in his "Lose My Mind" music video.

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