You are never going to satisfy everyone 100% of the time.  That's especially true in the world of retail.  But, according to statistics released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) some stores have a harder time pleasing patrons than others. 

The ACSI releases a yearly survey on how retail is doing in the eyes of the consumer.  This report uses criteria such as convenience of location, the quality of the product, store layout and of course, courtesy and helpfulness of the staff.  Some of the stores that made this dubious bottom ten list have locations right here in East Texas.  But, let me be quick to add that this list is comprised on how these stores measure up on a national basis and should not necessarily be a reflection on some of the fine locals that we have working at these locations.

Here's the list...with the worst being first.

  1. Wal-mart
  2. Rite Aid
  3. CVS
  4. Walgreens
  5. Macy's
  6. Safeway
  7. Best Buy
  8. Gap
  9. SuperValu
  10. Winn-Dixie