Stevie Monce is releasing a new EP, and he's letting fans hear one of the new songs before it's even available via this Taste of Country exclusive.

The Ohio native turned to Love and Theft singer Stephen Barker Liles to co-produce his new EP, Stay on Fire, and he also enlisted Liles' sister, Rebekah, to contribute harmony vocals to the project's title track, which premieres on Taste of Country today.

The song is a juxtaposition of contemporary country production elements and a gritty, soulful vocal performance from Monce, whose influences comprise classic rock and roll as well as southern roots music. Liles' aching harmony adds an extra layer of yearning to a song that's about a couple trying to find a way to keep the passion and excitement of their relationship alive in the face of their day-to-day challenges.

"I need you to stay on fire / And say that you want me, say that you want me / One more time, and never let it go out / Tell me I'm gonna be always, gonna be always burning in the back of your mind / And stay on fire," they sing together in the chorus. The song is part of a concept that frames the new EP, which traces the rise and fall of a romance through meeting, falling in love, breaking up and then looking back on the relationship after it's over.

Monce has released three previous albums and toured with Love and Theft, as well Cole Swindell, Michael Ray and the Zac Brown Band. Ten years into his career, he feels like he's made his boldest statement yet with Stay on Fire.

“I’m not afraid to say this record was recorded for me and not the industry," he says. "For the first time ever, I feel every word of every song every time I get the opportunity to play them for people.”

Stay on Fire is set for release on Friday (July 13). It is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.

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