Cooking Bacon On A Silencer [Watch]
In order to demonstrate just how American you are you must find different ways to cook bacon. This is widely known. Some people use a cast iron, or teflon coated skillet. Maybe you use an electric skillet. Others use the oven and put their bacon on a cookie sheet. I prefer this method personally. There's nothing more American than guns, silencers, and bacon. Don't do this at home kids. Watch! Read
Leave It To Texas; Pepper and Bacon Lollipops!
Need a stocking stuffer idea? How about some lollipops flavored with Sriracha chili sauce and bacon? Lollipop makers in Austin have come up with the idea for mixing spicy pepper sauce and bacon flavor, and putting it on a stick. Is this a good idea? The reason behind this sucker creation stems from a news story that maybe you heard about earlier this year.
Is a Global Bacon Shortage in the Future?
So far we've learned that the worst US drought in 50 years will cause meat prices to rise and has even forced some ranchers to feed candy to their cattle. But now comes truly disturbing news from the UK's National Pig Association (who knew there was such a thing?): a worldwide bacon and sausage shortage may also be in the future.