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Lufkin Shoppers Spent Almost $300 on Black Friday
If you bought a 40-inch flat screen TV over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, you matched most East Texas shoppers.
Each of us spent a little under $300 over the Black Friday weekend, but that's only a third of what our holiday shopping total will be.
Black Friday Fights Are Most Likely Here
So there's only one flat screen TV left at the door buster price, and you and another person grab it at the same time and start the stare down.  Do you push and pull and tackle that shopper like it's 4th and goal and the game is on the line?  In these ten states you do.…
Top 10 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals
The crazy deals in store for us on Black Friday are being released, and leaked to the public. Steve Rixx has scoured the internet to find the deals that you are most interested in, and compiled them here. Laptops are a must have on the Christmas list, and here are the Top 10 Best Black Friday Deals!
Shopping on Thanksgiving
It was just a few years ago that less than a handful of stores decided to beat the Black Friday rush and open their doors at some point and time on Thanksgiving day.  Now, in 2013, you're hard-pressed to find a major outlet that's not opening on turkey day or evening.
5 Fun East Texas Gift Ideas
It can be tough to pick the perfect gift for somebody during the holidays. Gift cards or certificates are a great way to take away some of that stress, because they make gift-giving easy! Especially when you're trying to get somebody something really weird. How in the world would you wrap an ai…

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