What East Texas City is Your Hidden Gem?
Several East Texas cities are gaining attention for being cool even though not everyone is aware of how awesome they are.
Lufkin didn't make The 12 Most Underrated Cities in Texas list, but here's why that was a big mistake.
This Texas City Has The Worst Design in America
In this city you might find an adult bookstore next to a retail clothing store next to a skyscraper, because there are no zoning laws that would prevent those buildings from butting up against each other.  Because of that, this Texas city is at the top of the list for the worst d…
Top Ten Cities for…..Cussing!
I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap...or at least that was the threat that I would receive as a child whenever I would say something that I shouldn't be saying.  With that in mind, Google Trends has released the top ten obscene cities in America....these are the cities in which sw…