Drought Conditions Increasing
During the election season there is always a lot of discussion as to whether states are red or blue.  When it comes to all seasons, however, colors that you don't want your state to be are yellow, red, and brown, at least according to the United States Drought Monitor.
Texas Soaker on the Way This Weekend
A big rain event is coming to a large swath of Texas beginning today (Thursday) and continuing through Monday.  A trough of low pressure will usher in a cool front which will act to squeeze a lot of much-needed rain across the Lone Star State.
One Texas Town Is About to Start Drinking Toilet Water
This is what the drought will do for ya. It becomes necessary to look for other sources of drinking water besides lakes and rivers, and one town in Texas is turning to toilet water.
The water will go from toilets, to the wastewater treatment plant, and back to faucets essentially.
Where is this happen…
Is a Global Bacon Shortage in the Future?
So far we've learned that the worst US drought in 50 years will cause meat prices to rise and has even forced some ranchers to feed candy to their cattle. But now comes truly disturbing news from the UK's National Pig Association (who knew there was such a thing?): a worldwide bacon and sa…
Nacogdoches Could Enact Mandatory Watering Restrictions
September didn't bring much relief, and October has started off dry as well.
We desperately need the rain, (understatement of the year), but forecasters are holding out much short term optimism.
With that being said, the City of Nacogdoches which is already asking residents to follow a voluntary water…
Washing Cars And Other Ways To Make It Rain
I've tried it all...I've washed my truck, opened an umbrella in the house, scheduled a picnic, I even went jogging...all kinds of superstitions in order to bring on the rain --- but still nothing.
This drought could be all my fault...for the first time in my life I bought some land that has…
Get The Latest Texas Wildfire Situation Here
Firefighters, members of the Texas Forest Service, and numerous volunteers were able to get the upper hand this weekend on many wildfires across our state, however, Mother Nature has another dose of dry, windy weather set for Tuesday.
Although some rains have fallen across parts of the state and more…