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Tops in Texas
After two big weeks on top in Texas; Zane Williams, Jayton, and Jill tumble out of the Top 10, all the way to eleven. So who fill the hole? The power-duo of Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers are still hangin' around, and appear to have their sights set on returning to the top spot. But Sunny Sweeney,…
Top Texas Driving Songs [Listen]
We've been having some really great weather recently full of mild temps and sunshine. Makes me think about great Texas & Red Dirt music that I would be listening to while driving with the windows open & the top down. So now, time to enjoy a playlist! Check it out, put the top do…
Kevin Fowler Prize Pack Contest
Kevin Fowler fans! Your man is coming to Banita Creek Hall this weekend -- and we can get you a one-on-one with Kevin himself! Just show us how country ya are!
Kevin Fowler Proves Cred in 'How Country Are Ya?' Video
The title track from Kevin Fowler's upcoming seventh studio album asks a question the Texas singer is proud to answer. During 'How Country Are Ya?' Fowler is pushed by a cutie at the bar to prove his country credibility. The music video -- available for the first time via this Taste o…
Kevin Fowler 100% Texan Acoustic VIP
Kevin Fowler performed for our VIP's on the KICKS 105 Back Porch last Saturday (Sept. 7th) before taking the stage at the Backroads Music Fest.  If you missed it, here's exclusive video of Kevin performing 100% Texan!

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