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More Swamp People On The Merrell In The Morning Show [AUDIO]
We had more Swamp People on the Merrell In the Morning Show today...this time, we had two of the most recognizable characters from the show - Glenn & Mitchell, The Guist Brothers.
Unlike other folks that we have featured on our show, the Guist's don't make a living hunting and killing 'gators.  S…
Get Your Question Answered By The Swamp People
One of the hottest and most talked about reality shows on TV is the History Channel's 'Swamp People'.
This is the show where 'gator chasin' Cajuns are profiled.
One of this season's most popular 'Swamp Persons' is the sure shootin' Liz (don't call me Elizabeth) Cavalier.  And we'll be interview Liz on…