Flower Girl Is The Cutest Video You'll See Today
This little girl knows all about weddings, and what the flower girl does during the wedding. She is featured in this video explaining to her father why she can't be a princess with a crown in a pretty dress. He obviously doesn't understand weddings AT ALL! Watch and learn from the master.
Scale Model Of Solar System Will Blow Your Mind
An accurate scale model of our solar system is difficult to find, if not impossible. These guys took 36 hours to build one in the middle of the desert. They built it in the desert because you have to have 7 miles of empty space to accurately represent the size, and scale of our solar system, and tha…
KICKS 105 Presents Ghostbusters
Get ready east Texas! FREE Movies In The Park is returning to Ellen Trout Park this October 7th-10th! This year we will also be featuring our 80's encore in Nacogdoches, October 23rd and 24th!
US and South Korea Test Heavy Equipment
A few days ago, (Aug 18th) The Republic of Korea along with the United States Air Force and Army held a massive training exercise, showcasing both aerial skills and weapon power. It all went down at the Seungjin training field in South Korea in what they're calling an integrated live fire exerc…
Shudder Is New Netflix For Horror Fans
I'm a sucker for a good scary, horror flick! All the classics, Jaws, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, etc. Every Friday, or maybe Saturday night I had friends over to the house to watch something together. Our girlfriends would scoot a little closer, and that was…
The Greatest Rube Goldberg Machine Ever
The Rube Goldberg machine is amazing. Every single one I see is unique. I guess that's the whole point really. The company 3M has been creating amazing products for years, including those little sticky notes that you have on your desk as we speak. Now see what they've done.
Blue Water Highway Band Plays LIVE In Studio
Blue Water Highway Band hails (currently) from the city of Kyle, Tx. Sean Ericson and myself like to keep our eyes, and ears open when it comes to new musical artists. Some are good, others not so good. Then there's the highly elusive, and occasional GREAT! These guys are the real deal. Trained musi…
Steve Rixx Talks To Siri About That Zero Divided By Zero Thingy
Oh Siri how we rely on you. Your wisdom and knowledge assist us in our daily lives. I love technology! When Siri arrived I couldn't wait to ask her all the big questions. What is the meaning of life and such. Then everyone started discovering little eggs of fun that Siri would throw in if you asked …

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