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‘Concussion’ Trailer: Will Smith Takes on the NFL
As of December 2012, thirty-three former NFL players have been formally diagnosed post-mortem with CTE. As the NFL continues to try to bury the issue (they recently denied permission to Seau’s daughter to speak in-person at her father’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony over fears she wo…
Will Smith Up For 'The Wild Bunch' Remake
Warner Brothers has had their sights on a remake of Sam Peckinpah's western masterpiece 'The Wild Bunch' for quite some time, and they may have found their perfect leading man in Will Smith, who's looking to produce and star in their contemporary version.
2nd Trailer Of Men In Black 3 Released [VIDEO]
On May 25th, Will Smith travels back in time in the latest installment of policing aliens on Men In Black III.
A total of 3 trailers will be released leading up to the movie's official release, the 2nd trailer has now been made public.  Check out the first two trailers after the jump.