Snow days are fun for students, not so much fun for school administrators, who have to worry about things like loss of overall instructional hours and such matters.

When Tennessee found itself blanketed by a frosty cover this week, one school director, Dr. Dan Lawson of Tullahoma City Public Schools, decided to add a little fun to the fact he had to announce a couple days of school closures.

In a Facebook post intended to announce class was closed for Jan. 17, he gave a pretty good impersonation of Johnny Cash, cleverly twisting the lyrics to "I Walk the Line." (As an example: "I'd like to finish school in the month of May/But with this weather, I'll just say what the hey.")

Lawson also pulled out his best Garth Brooks vibes the previous day and did a school closure announcement to the tune of "Friends in Low Places," which he tweaked to "Friends in Snow Places."

Dr. Lawson must have ran out of creative ideas by Wednesday, because for that day a video was posted on Facebook featuring two school employees noting that they'd been looking all over town, but "Dr. Lawson was nowhere to be found." They took the liberty themselves of calling school off for the following day.

Perhaps Dr. Lawson was making plans to go audition for American Idol's upcoming season in March? One can only wonder!

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