You know it's going to happen.  A couple of months from now when most of us are bundled up head-to-toe battling the wind and cold rain with hats, thick coats, and cozy lined pants, some other brave soul will walk by in shorts. What possesses these people?

It must be so easy to wake up every day knowing exactly what you're going to wear.  Just a different color of shorts.

My 8-year old daughter is in the year-round shorts crowd, and she flips out when I suggest that maybe she should wear yoga pants if the high temp for the day might be under 60.  She insists she's never cold, or at least her legs are not.  She would rather help her arms out with a jacket than cover her legs with anything that resembles pants.  Okay, okay!  It's a battle that I will quit fighting, and I will accept this crazy, inappropriate behavior. Now pass me some warm ski pants.

Why do people wear shorts year-round?  It boils down to individuality I think, and that I can support.

3 Reasons People Wear Shorts All Year

1.  Some people just don't get cold.  These people, including my daughter, must have hot sauce running through their veins.  It's Sriracha that keeps them wearing shorts when it's 20 degrees outside, and they truly are hot-blooded.  One man said his legs just don't get cold, and if he does catch a chill he's usually complaining about his face, hands, or torso. Never his legs.  Maybe because they are so frozen and numb from the constant shorts-wearing that he can't feel them anymore and they are dead to him.  Maybe.

2.  Shorts are comfortable.  There are no annoying pant legs that drag on the ground or get wet when it rains and send dampness creeping up your leg.  And your legs are free and unrestricted when they don't have to deal with squeaky denim or slick dress pants.  They won't pass at a board meeting, but if you just have to walk across the SFA campus, shorts might be a sweet way to move around.  More so in the summer, but okay.

3.  Room temperature is fine for shorts.  If you spend most of your time in heated buildings or inside a heated car and you just have to run into a store or an office now and then, cold weather never really has a chance to get you.  It might be 30 degrees outside, but it's 72 inside and if you're basking in that temperature all the time, it's not much different than an evening on the beach in Hawaii.  Just don't look out the window at the icicles, and you'll be fine.

I'm so jealous of these warm-blooded humans.  If I even eat a bag of frozen grapes I get cold and have to crawl under a blanket.  I must be a wimp, but I'm one of those girls that will always have a sweater on the back of the chair, and the shorts section of my closet is on lockdown until mid-2019.  If you can rock the shorts all year, that's fantastic!  My fleece pants and I are very happy for you.

It supposed to be around 75 all weekend so we'll be seeing some shorts around East Texas I'm sure. But is there a temperature breaking-point when you'll put them away?

Maybe not for you.  Or my daughter.  Bring on the Sriracha.

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