My family got hooked two years ago.

We make quite a few trips to Austin and on one occasion we made a stop in Madisonville at a newly built convenience store...well, calling Buc-ee's a convenience store is like calling Lake Sam Rayburn a stock tank. 

This place was behemoth complete with dozens of fountain drinks, numerous Icee flavors, touch screen deli area, clothing, beaver nuggets, and Lord help my children - Dippin' Dots.

But that doesn't even come close to describe this traveling mecca.  I wish politicians were as clean as the bath rooms at Buc-ee's.  And everyday should be a fudge sampling day.  Plus, who can't love a beaver that looks like that.

This is capitalism at its finest.  I don't know who developed the concept behind this chain of nearly 20 Texas stores, but I wish he/she would run for president...they'd get my vote...they already get a chunk of my money.  It's funny how I plan to go in for just a drink and maybe some jerky, and then end up handing at least $50 to the girl at the cash register.

The newest Buc-ee's is the biggest yet, a 67,000 square foot land of enchantment located in New Braunfels.  They anticipate to serve 5,500 cars full of families every day.

So, are you as crazy about Buc-ee's as we are?  And, if so, what is it about this place this is such a big draw for you.  Please take the survey and let us know.



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