Who better to interview the Cadillac Three than the band members themselves? ... Or at least, that's what we thought. Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray ask one another questions, and it's pretty entertaining.

In fact, it's at times hilarious, even if not too much new information is unearthed from the inquisition. The title track of their new Legacy album is clearly a very important song to this band. No one parties harder than the Cadillac Three. Mason is an early bird and Johnston will cry watching This Is Us on NBC (us too, buddy).

There is a poignant moment as the country-rock trio recall a late rocker who had an influence on their careers. While known for party songs on their own albums, it's important to remember that as songwriters they've helped write some of the most meaningful songs of the last five years. The single "Dang If We Didn't" just isn't one of them.

Legacy drops on Aug. 25, but the group won't slow down to celebrate. The Cadillac Three make their living on the road and are known across North America and Europe as one of the best live acts in country music. "The South" singers have dates across two continents and several countries through November. Legacy is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Bury Me in My Boots.

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