For Josh Abbott Band’s 2011 smash “Oh Tonight” JAB tapped Kacey Musgraves, Granger Smith and Granger’s wife, actress Amber Bartlett to star in the fiery, sexy video. And in true JAB fashion there were a few twists that were surprising to a few people to say the least.

In it Kacey Musgraves (who also sings backup) plays Granger Smith’s wife. And Amber Bartlett (Granger’s real life wife) plays Josh’s. But that’s not cool with Granger, he wants Amber. So at what looks to be a songwriting/dinner party Granger makes his move.

When Amber gets up to go to the kitchen, for what looks like to wash dishes, Granger swallows one more swig of beer, for the courage and makes his big move.

While Kacey and Josh stay in the living room happily and obliviously singin’ to each other, Amber and Granger are goin’ at it in the kitchen, then in front of a burning bed, back in the kitchen, back to the burning bed and so on.

But what the average viewer doesn’t know, that you now do — it’s all good, Granger and Amber are married. The two even have a daughter.

And so, in my very best Paul Harvey impression (which I’ve been told is actually good, thank you), now you know the rest of the story.

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