The fourth and final The Voice Season 13 Battles went underway Tuesday night (Oct. 24), pitting team members against each other in epic duets.

Team Miley Cyrus had two country gals vying for spots in "herstory" on this night: The fiery Ashland Craft vs. sweet Megan Rose, both of whom were shining standouts during the blind auditions. So, hmm ... let's do some quick mental figuring before analyzing who won — two favorites, country genre, and is that a steal that coach Blake Shelton still has in his arsenal? It seemed a pretty safe bet that both of these artists will advance.

The women were given Waylon Jennings’ “A Good-Hearted Woman,” and it was honestly hard to choose the better performer in this duet. Both dressed in sparkly dresses and filled with plenty of spitfire, the artists showed off their range and grit in a near-perfect match.  Indeed: "This has got to be the best battle we ever had," enthused Coach Adam Levine.

"This is a really intense decision for me because I've re-fallen in love with country music," noted Cyrus, adding with an exaggerated drawl that it's "her life." After confirming that she was proud of both singers, Cyrus decided upon Craft.

But wait — guess what happened next? Of course, to nobody's shock, Shelton swooped in and saved Rose's day with a steal. (And even Rose herself didn't look too surprised.) So, happily, both women will continue on in the season.

This week wraps up the Battles, with the Knockouts beginning next week. Kelly Clarkson, Season 14 coach, will serve as Key Advisor.

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